Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wy'east Sunset

Wy'east is the Native American name for Oregon's Mt. Hood.
I can see this magnificent dormant volcano out of my east facing studio window.
I have photographed it numerous times through all seasons, weather, and time of day.
This painting reveals the rosy glow that the setting sun
casts upon the ever present snowy peak.

Click on image for a better view.

6" x 9" acrylic on linen paper

$125.  unframed. Shipping included.
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  1. You are very lucky to have such a view! It must give you a lot of inspiration. I see my kitchen when I'm painting :(
    The painting is beatiful!

  2. Beautiful view and beautifully painted Jean!

  3. The mountain is wonderful and I love your header.

  4. How lucky you are to have this beautiful view and what a lovely painting!