Wednesday, January 14, 2015


​Painted this for DPW's challenge "Paint your parent".
My Mother's family emigrated to the US,
 by way of Java, from the Netherlands.
 She was just a young girl when they left their homeland.
 Although they quickly became "Americans" in every sense of the word,
 they left us grandchildren with a strong sense of our Dutch heritage.
 Therefore, I chose to paint my Mom as a little Dutch girl
surrounded by what we most often associate with her culture and heritage:
 klompen (wooded shoes), lace bonnet an apron, windmill, and tulips.
I remember wearing an apron like this when I was little. It had been my mothers.
Her Father had a pair of klompen in his office.
I purposely faded out her face into the background
 to signify that she is no longer a child,
and this is just a beautiful, loving memory.
7" x 5" oil on canvas panel

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