Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summertime Blues

These gorgeous purple/blue hydrangeas seem to want to soar with the clouds on a perfect summer day. I added a hint of yellow ochre  to the clouds as a compliment to so much blue. This painting was done for the Inspiration All  Around Us July Challenge. The challenge photo didn't have the sky and clouds in the background. I wanted to do something other than the house siding that is in the original and remembered a photo I took once of flowers at the same angle, with sky and clouds in the background. So I used that idea. I added lots of clouds so the blues would not overwhelm and make a nice backdrop for the purples. I have included the photo here, as testament to DanaMarie's challenge - inspiration IS all around us.

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  1. Hello Jean,
    Stumbled across your blog today and love what I see. You are in good company blogging here. I am a self-taught artist myself,only having been painting a few years and just figured out my style is contemporary realism (I guess). I paint what inspires me but will try painting whatever someone commissions on spec and if they don't like it they don't have to buy it. I have won one award; a blue ribbon in a county fair on one of my paintings. I have many critics; some I listen to, some I tell to shut up because they have no idea what art is, they just like to criticise their mother. LOL Hope you stop by my place, the Limited Space Art Studio is my art blog and Carmichael Chronicles is my poetry and writing blog and sort of online journal. Nice to make your acquaintance. Happy painting!