Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haceta Head Lighthouse

The Oregon coast is rugged and often stormy. Lighthouses were built along the coastline in past centuries to guide sailors and warn them of potential dangers. This is one of them built on the rocky prominence that is called the Haceta Headlands. I painted this from a photo I took there a few years ago, from a high overlook along highway 101 south of the lighthouse. (I have taken artistic license in a couple small ways when painting this scene. The lighthouse is a tad larger here then it looks in the photo, to make it more of a feature, and a bit lower to give it a better place in the composition.) There is a lovely old Victorian lighthouse keepers home farther back, high in the wooded cove. Locals and not a few tourists (my daughters included) have said the house is haunted. Supposedly, they have seen a woman in the upstairs bedroom window.Visitors can tour the well kept buildings.

9"x7" acrylic on linen
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