Saturday, April 23, 2011


Wind surfing is a popular sport on the Columbia River. The winds can blow upwards of 30 to 40 MPH and higher. The surfers tack from bank to bank. The day I took this picture, I had come across the Bridge of the Gods, from Oregon to Washington to do some plein air painting along the river, and photography. The winds were so strong this day that I only was able to take some photos. I particularly love the shining silvery water.

Note: Traveling west along the Columbia on the Washington side of the river, I rounded a curve and the winds hit with such force that the roof box on the top of my car began to vibrate badly and then was lifted off and landed in the road behind me. The hinges on one side pulled loose and broke the others free. I was grateful that no one was closely following - but a shariff did come along almost immediately and helped me load the box into the back of my car. It has a hatchback, and the box just fit. He said that he had seen trailers overturned and cargo lifted out of pickup beds. There ought to be warning signs along the roadway.
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