Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pampas Grass

This is my entry for Bill Guffy's Virtual Paintout New Zealand challenge. As I cruised the roads of this lush and green country, I noticed that almost everywhere I went, there were stands of these tall feathery plants growing along country roads. (Don't know what New Zealanders call these plants, but I know them as Pampas Grass).  So I decided to paint them as my contribution to the  challenge. They are an off white that takes on a pinkish hue in certain light.

Google Street View:    <,173.386669&spn=0,4.542847&z=8&layer=c&cbll=-35.164843,173.386669&panoid=QaUVBGrHJL3a4DBHDw6dpQ&cbp=12,266.19,,1,2.5

6"x6" acrylic on Linen paper



  1. I love how you've painted this..painterly and great colour choices.

  2. Hi Jean! I'm from New Zealand, and have just found out about this virtual paintout idea so not sure if I'll have time to do NZ's one.

    The Maori name is Toetoe (pronounced To-e to-e), but we often just call it Pampas grass, or 'that fluffy whitish grass that grows all over the beaches'.

    Good choice for your Google view - these plants are one of the plants that really do grow everywhere in NZ, despite the different climates up & down our country!

    Cheers, Zenobia

  3. You are so right. I remember it being everywhere on the riverbeds in NZ during my childhood.