Friday, February 10, 2012

Roses on Antique Linen

I originally began this painting for DPW's White on White challenge
presented by Ann Feldman. But somewhere in the process of the painting,
the muse took over ,and the white roses and white bowl took on the color you see.
I liked it better this way and decided to keep it this way.
She did allow about 15% color, but I think this exceeds that number...

6"x6" acrylic on linen paper

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  1. The tablecloth has a beautful antique lace quality to it ,and the roses are in keeping with the vintage look.The background really compliments the composition perfectly!

  2. Hello Jean. You did a nice job on this one. Like the tablecloth very much and also like the color of the roses and the bowl. By the way: what a nice banner painting! I had not seen it before. Beautiful!

  3. Yourlace is striking, Jean, I wonder how you can do that, bravo!
    Thank you for your comment on Padt.

  4. It's the tablecloth that caught my eye - great lace work on that. And I agree with the added touches of color!