Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Red Coverlet

A few weeks ago I picked up a beautiful book on the early impressionists with many images of their works. I have been studying these pictures to glean whatever points that I can and have been wanting to try painting in the style of these masters using their techniques, but somehow blending it with a contemporary feel. When Jen of Rookie Painter featured an early morning bedroom scene with morning light coming through a large window. I decided to paint my picture  from her photo, and following some paintings by these artists, especially Henri Matisse. This is the result - a blend of Victorian sensibility and figurative pose, with a cleaner, modern look. (You will not find it posted on the RP blog.) Please click on image for a better view.

9"x12" acrylic on canvas.


  1. Beautiful work. I love how you interpeted the original photo. That is art. Love it.

  2. Jean - you really met this challenge with your own vision. Really great work done on this, I like it a lot.