Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two for Hallowe'en

"You Can't Eat Just One!"

Two Trick or Treat paintings for Alice Thompson's Calypso Moon Artist Movement October Hallowe'en challenge. The first one whimsical! Corn candy is one of my favorite things about this holiday - and like chips, it is hard to eat just one, hence the title.

6"x6" impasto acrylic on linen

"The Gathering of All Hallows!"
This is the second painting which is more traditional in nature, but not in how it was painted. The object of the second offering was to 'paint' with anything but a brush. Sooooo....

9"x6" acrylic on linen; painted with a sponge, palette knife, toothpick and finger.
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  1. Great painting, one of my favorites from the holiday too. Put a bowl of them out and I seem to keep going back to them, until the bowl is empty. :)

  2. Jean - love the second one you did also. Sponge, knife, toothpick & finger - great result to this challenge!

  3. I love the second work - so beautifully spooky and mysterious. The simple 'graveyard' symbols are great!

    (We don't have corn candy over here in the UK so I don't have any reference for them - they look totally unusual from your painting and I assume they're savoury?)

  4. Thanks Nancie, for your nice comments. Anne, what Nancie said about Corn Candy just about sums it up. They are despicably sweet, terribly addicting and their flavor is hard to describe - somewhat of a hint of corn, but mostly just sweet. If you email me ( address I would be happy to send your a bag of this American Halloween tradition.

  5. Jean I enjoy the bright warm abstract strength in your top piece. It has a sweet yummy stiffness. I love blue, black and white together as you've painted it here. You achieved real movement and a gentle moonlit glow. Those spirits seem so friendly. Very nice contrast in the two.

    Don't forget you get to guess twice for the giveaway.

  6. Jean, I love the color and design in your first entry.

    The spooky and mysterious atmosphere you created in the second one with out using a brush is amazing!

  7. Candy corn! - I have eaten myself sick on it, I don't know how many times. Love, love the second painting. It should be the cover of a book of ghost stories.