Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mushing the Iditarod

 The Iditarad  began today. I have been following one of the mushers on her blog, Angie Taggart, as she prepared for this race. Having had a husky dog, I know of their great strength and heart - and their seemingly inborn need to pull and run. There is nothing they love better. Her dogs have shown this same trait and like most mushers, she treats them with love and great care. She has a good sense of humor and feels so ONE with her dog team, she wears a symbol of this solidarity on the back of her coat. (see picture below) I wish Angie, number 19, and her team Godspeed and good luck and good weather.

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  1. Dear Jean,
    Thank you for the wonderful photos. Little Sadami read an illustrated "Call of the wild" by Jack London. I always imagined what sorts of world husky dogs were living. Ever since, I admire husky dogs:). The book illustrations has become my cultural icons in a childhood.
    Cheers, Sadami