Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lady in Black with Scarf

This is a painting styled after one of Robert Henri's figuratives of his wife, Marjorie (below). Although I kept his dark background and the pose, I modernized my lady, who is different, with a more contemporary hair style and dressed her in a Vera Wang black evening gown. In homage to him, I kept the lace scarf which was in the original. I am totally happy with how the painting turned out - just NOT how it photographed.

After about 2 dozen shots, I finally settled on this one. They all had glare, no matter where I placed the painting, and it also isn't as sharp as it could be because some detail is missing in the photo from the face, and also the hands which are partially hidden in the scarf. I am going to work on taking a better photo and post it if it happens. If anyone has advice for photographing a dark painting like this, I would appreciate it.
14"x11" acrylic on canvas panel.  $125.

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