Thursday, September 30, 2010

Autumn Rose

 This is a palette knife painting done for Dana Marie's Inspiration All Around Us challenge. When I saw her photo of this lovely pale pink rose, it was just a subject that I immediately wanted to paint. I love the simplicity and color of such a beautiful rose.

6"x6" acrylics on linen


  1. Already done, you are so fast, Jean!and your knive gives such a special texture so pleasant to the rose!and how did you do with the stamina?

  2. Lovely treatment. I like the depth you achieved.

  3. Jean - Hello. I have been looking at your blog and enjoying your photos and paintings. I am struck by one fact that you and I have in common. That being that we only started painting a year ago. I too have always been involved in some sort of creative enterprise (quilting, ceramics, sculpting, beading) but last year I took up painting. L O N G S T O R Y but I started because of a Television show. Now I have a couple of blogs myself, and find that sharing my work and looking at others really helps my motivation. Anyway, thanks for the motivation. Kay