Saturday, September 25, 2010


Jordin-Leigh turns 13. Instead of a birthday card, I painted her portrait with acrylics on a watercolor 140# postcard (4"x6") to send to her. This is the 2nd of my PostArt series.

In an effort to learn portrait painting, I decided to begin with friends and relatives and hope they are understanding of the somewhat less than professional look as I learn.  Although I see that I will have to make my next effort on a smoother surfaced support. This watercolor paper, made to hold little pockets of paint for texture, is a bit too rough. Rather then shadows, her skin looks blotchy in this photo - though not so much on the original painting.
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  1. Very nice, Jean. I see the resemblance. A daunting task to do portraits but I believe you will do what you set out to do.