Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Green Frog

There is a pond on our property - actually there are two - one in the back pasture, but there is one in the flower garden near the house, that is home to many of these little green croakers. (There were several fish, but I think the herons and king fishers got them all). This one has been living in a planter on the deck just outside my bedroom window. It is fun to listen to his serenade during the summer evenings, along with the crickets, night birds and occasionally an owl or coyote's song. I am going to miss them, especially this little guy, when winter sets in, the ponds freezes over, and it is too cold for them. Don't know where they go but come spring they're there again.
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  1. Beautiful greens and a really cute frog. How lucky you are to have them.