Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Oregon Coast

There is hardly a more beautiful place on earth, in my opinion, than the Oregon coastline. It is wild, protected, and scenic. I have so many photos of it, that it was hard to choose a few to put up on my blog. Many are paintings waiting to happen.
This first picture is of the central coast. I love the patterns in the sand and the grassy slope (click on image to enlarge to see detail better); and how the shoreline fades off into the mist.

This is a photo of Haceta Head Lighthouse. There is a wonderful old lighthouse keepers dwelling a short hike away. There are many old lighthouses along the coast, some still in operation, like this one.

Sunset near Florence and the north jetty. Because of the ever changing weather conditions you can always expect a spectacular sunset.
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  1. Awesome photos, Jean. Wishing you a beautiful evening.

  2. great blog and love the photography, Jean. was just our in the LaGrande area where my sister lives a few weeks ago. Had a great time.
    Thanks for visiting me on my blog.

  3. Nice shots. What are the friend showed me a picture of that lighthouse today. He was there last week!