Thursday, November 18, 2010


Portrait # 3 in my series to learn portrait painting is my daughter Alisyn. My young lady in red, dressed in red, surrounded in red - her favorite color - not to mention the obvious, her red hair. My hope is that the color red will seem to energize this portrait and let the viewer know that Alisyn is an energetic, athletic young woman whose avocation is body-building. Besides physical beauty, (wish my painting abilities did her justice) she is smart, a hard worker, creative and a soft-hearted sweetheart, with a sometimes fiery personality. Red does fit her so I brought it into the whole painting, background, clothing and even into her hair. I painted this using several different pictures I have of her for reference, and others have told me the painting does resemble her.  All I know is that this is how I see her.

6"x4.5" acrylic on linen.   NFS
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  1. I like paintings like this. I have a bunch of them hanging in the room where my granddaughters sleep when they are at my house. They always look and talk about when they were babies. In some ways they respond in a warmer way to my bad paintings than they do photos. And I love the red!