Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corn Snow

Last night, we had the first snowfall, although it has been snowing for a few weeks, at a little higher elevations. The Arctic front arrived with a thunderstorm that left a dusting of hard, dry snow, called Corn Snow. The temperature is hovering around 20*.
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  1. Corn snow - funny but true. The east is known for their corn snow, and their ice. My husband (the skier) always says "if you can ski in the east, you can ski anywhere." We may have some snow over the weekend in NY, we shall see. The season is starting, isn't it!? We just need to stack a bit more firewood, move a few more items out of the way, and I think we are ready to face old man winter!

  2. Here in Denver we had 4 flakes this morning and I think that is going to be it for snow. We do have winter's temp though. I hadn't ever heard of corn snow. I think we just call it sleet.