Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waiting in the Rain

It is winter, and of course it is raining - its the PNW. We live in a rural area and the streets are typical country roads - no sidewalks. But being native Oregonians, Alicia and Daniel have an umbrella and rainboots, and stoically wait in the muck for the school bus. Daniel is wearing his Oregon Ducks jacket - he was a fan long before they were the #1 college football team. I have taken many pictures of them (which this is one) that I have wanted to paint for a some time now. Alice Thompson's  Calypso Moon Artist Movement's November challenge has given me the nudge to just do it. Her challenge is to paint our history and she made the field broad enough to include our todays as well as our yesterdays.

8"x10" acrylic on linen
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  1. I love this. You've captured a typical Oregon morning perfectly.

  2. Jean, this is a precious moment to paint! Whoever would think to paint kids waiting in the rain for the school bus? But just think how many times they must have done it, you watching from the windows! What a great snippet from the past! Your rain is stunning in it's almost not there quality, and the dark sky with the bright lights of the school bus chasing the dark shadows away. Very well done!