Monday, November 29, 2010

My Christmas Card Collections

The Snow People Christmas Card Collection
 "Snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled."                                          Author Unknown
I painted this first snowman card, by personalizing the snow people to whimsically match the members of the family it is intended for. I liked the idea so much that I decided to paint more, making them personal for the intended recipients. There are now seven in this series. They are palette knife acrylic on 4.5"x 6" linen paper.

This  card was painted especially for a fellow artist.

My mom is of Dutch heritage, so I wanted to paint a winter scene from her homeland for her - Windmill and Skater, both are common sights in Holland. As she ages she seems to get more nostalgic for old remembrances and times past. Although she was very young when her family left Holland, she talks about it and other places she lived before coming to America.

The Red House was Painted for Jennifer Smith's Rookie Painter November challenge (and my Christmas card collection), from a photo she provided of this house. I felt the house needed a setting and since I am painting simple winter scenes for Christmas cards for close friends and family, I placed the house in a winter landscape.

All paintings are 4.5" X 6" acrylic on linen paper
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  1. I think this looks like the perfect Christmas card! I really like the gray blue in the back lighting and the road.

  2. All are wonderful & so charming. Yes, christmas cards - what terrific gifts for your friends & family.

  3. What a collection of paintings! I am in LOVE with the idea of your snowpeople representing real people! May I borrow your idea for a future project? These paintings are so fun and whimsical. A great start to the CMAM challenge for December!

  4. I love the snowmen. How cute...

  5. The card of the snowman painting a plein air landscape is fantastic!

  6. Jean such lovely cards.A perfect gift for your loved ones.

  7. Thank you Sheryl and Nancie, Paula and Angela. I am happy that you like my cards. Catherine and Yasha, thanks for your nice comments.

  8. I just saw your latest Christmas card painting. These are adorable!