Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aspen Patchwork Embroidered

First painting of the New Year. I painted this for Pam Van Londen's Monthly Challenge from a photo she provided of aspen trees. -- Not sure it will appear on her site as I have a hard time uploading to her challenge blog - we'll see. OK, it's submitted, but ........  in any event I had fun putting an abstract spin on her challenge photo, where I used muted shades of the fall colors I found there.

I used to design and make handmade quilts. When I saw the challenge photo, I imagined how I might have pieced, appliqued and embroidered a quilt using the aspen image as an inspiration. Then painted what I 'saw'.

5.5"x6" acrylic on linen paper   $50.
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  1. I absolutely loved the abstracted version of the photo.Too good Jean.

  2. Really great! I love the color blocks and abstract quality.