Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lavender Sea

As a respite from winter's freezing weather, I decided to paint a springtime scene from a picture I took last year. This lovely meadow is not far from where I live in Clackamas County. I went to this location to photograph - I was going to say 'the mountain", which is how we refer to Mt. Hood, because it is very imposing and rises several thousand feet above the surrounding foothills of the Cascade range. While there, I was completely taken with this meadow, which looked like a lavender and white sea. The horizon above the flowers was filled with billowing white clouds against an intensely blue sky. The scene was/is so impressive that I resisted painting it until now - I just knew I couldn't improve on its beauty. When I did decide to give it a go, what I did do was remove the two houses along the tree line and left just a little barn, and increased the purple (which was more prominent in person than in the photo. See ref photos below). 9"x6" acrylic on linen paper   $50.

This is the reference photo. Does anybody know what the wildflowers might be? They are a combination of white and light purple.

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