Thursday, January 20, 2011

The House on Juniper Street

My first house was a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1879, which reigned over the neighborhood on Juniper Street. Her ornate gingerbread was adorned with purple flowering Westeria vines that stretched across the length of her wrap around porch. Ancient pink Rhodies overtook her rickety old white picket fence. Standing sentinal along her two sidewalks - as she was a corner house - were eight 100+ year old maple trees whose seed pods were dubbed 'helicopters', by my daughters, as they spun to earth when they dropped from the trees. A bay window reached out to the side garden from the dining room. And an old wrought iron gas lamp, converted to electricity in the 1940's, stood welcome at the head of the walkway.    6"x4" acrylic on linen paper    In auction on for Japan relief.

I was asked if I had a photo of  the house as the painting only shows what is the left side (the bay window and the beginning of the wrap around porch). This photo shows the front view and one of the large old maple trees, but that tree hides the turret and the lamp. I painted from memory and realized, when I found this picture, that the bay extended up to the upstairs bedroom. It has been a number of years since I have lived here.
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  1. What a wonderful house, Jean!and a beautiful painting!

  2. This is a wonderful painting. The strong composition caught my eye in the thumbnail. The house and garden sound (and look) extremely charming.