Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ballerina Pansies

 These lovely pale pink Pansies have ruffled petals which remind me of a lacy tulle tutu. I placed them in an old hammered copper watering can where they dance over the sides. But I still felt something was missing, so to compliment the theme and make the pansies stand out a bit more,  I hung ballerina slippers on the wall behind. Still I didn't feel it was complete, so I then finally decided to add the jewelry. I had been thinking about draping the pearls over the spout and the rings on its pouring end, since I began the painting, just couldn't decide to do it or not. The scene began to remind me of a teen girl's space, so I added the jewelry and the whimsical antique perfume bottle. And voila! The painting has evolved, I am finally happy with it and will call it finished.

8"x10" acrylic on canvas panel



  1. This is really so delicate looking. And wondering what to do with a painting - what do they say, learning when to stop is the hardest part to learn! I think it all depends on the "look" you want. Without the slipper & doing the dark background will make the flowers "pop." Try playing with the image in a photo-editor on the computer & see how it would look with the darker or contrasting color background. It's a good way to "try on changes" before you actually do anything for real.

  2. Thanks Nancie, for your suggestions and good advice. The 'delicate' look is what I want to keep, so I finally decided just to add other objects to the picture.

  3. Love the changes you did. The added items help to balance the composition and keeps the eye busy. And all of it combined tells a story - each piece emphasizing the delicate theme. Good work!